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Garden Fencing Tips - 6 things to consider before installing a new garden fence

Nov 08, 2023
Garden Fencing Tips - 6 things to consider before installing a new garden fence

Installing, replacing, or repairing a fence on your property can be quite straight forward, if you know what you’re doing that is. But if you fail to plan correctly and follow best practice, it may become trickier than you first imagined. In most cases, we recommend finding an expert to install your fence for you. But for those wanting to take on the installation themselves, follow these tips for a smooth and enjoyable fencing project.

1. What type of fence do you want?

First things first, you need to decide on the type of fence you want and what you want it for. Are you looking to enhance privacy? Block out more noise? Keep your pets in? Or maybe you’re just looking to build an attractive border around your property? Whatever your desires, tackling this point first will help you select the best fencing for your home.

If you’re looking for inspiration on what type of fencing could suit your needs, we discuss the pros and cons of various fencing types here.


2. Understand your boundaries

As one of the most crucial parts to installing a new fence, you need to know where your property boundaries lie – and don’t take your existing fence as proof of this. Just because there’s an existing fence that your current neighbours are okay with, that doesn’t mean it’s right.

To avoid any problems down the line, be sure to double-check your property boundaries. For more information on this, visit the GOV property boundaries page. From here, you can view your property boundaries, make a boundary agreement with your neighbour, apply to record your exact boundary, or correct a boundary mistake on a title plan.

3. Check for any restrictions

Before you commit to purchasing materials for a new fence, it’s wise to check for any restrictions your property may be subject to. There may be rules set for your local area by authority, and you may need to apply for planning permission.

Restrictions may include height, look, or placement of a fence, and can depend on where you’re located. To find out if you’ll need planning permission and how to go about applying, visit the GOV planning permission page.

4. Explore style and customisation

One of the more exciting considerations for your fence comes with exploring the style and customisation options available. Think about how you can match certain elements and complement the style of your property, whether you’ll use vertical or horizontal panels, and how you can include fencing accessories.

Interested in specifying your own fence? The DuraPost FENCEBUILDER app allows you to customise your very own fence and automatically generates an itemised list for you.

5. Alert your neighbours

When deciding on your fencing style, it’s worthwhile notifying your neighbours. After all, they’ll be sharing the other side of your fence. If they’re unhappy with the style or height that could block their views and affect their property, this could cause problems.

Be reasonable, make sure property boundaries are clear, and meet in the middle if there are any disagreements.

6. Think green

Selecting the right type of fencing for your home is important, but not only for looks and privacy purposes - consider the environmental effects of your fence too. Concrete has a huge impact on the health of our environment, and is responsible for 8% of the worlds CO2, whilst chemically treated products can cause harm for surrounding vegetation.

So, why not explore your eco-friendly fencing options here.


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