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Garden Lighting Advice - 5 Frequently Asked Questions

Nov 08, 2023
Garden Lighting Advice - 5 Frequently Asked Questions

When done correctly, garden lighting can bring a ton of benefits to your outside space. Not only can it vastly improve the look of your home, but offers many practical benefits such as burglar deterrence and improved visibility too. If you’re thinking about updating the look of your garden with lighting, you’re already heading in the right direction.

However, before you rush into purchasing random lights online, it’s a good idea to fill any missing answers to questions you may have. This will help solidify your garden lighting decisions, as well as give you that extra confidence needed to tackle the project with a positive mindset.

So, to help you approach your project fully prepared, we’ve answered five common questions on garden lighting below:

1. Does garden lighting add value to my home?

While many homeowners tend to overlook garden lighting, it can in fact add value to your home. By adding that extra touch needed to wow a potential buyer, garden lighting can also increase your property’s kerb appeal.

In fact, having a nice garden space can lift your property’s value by 5%.

As well, a study conducted by, which consulted 36 estate agents, revealed that lighting is the 4th most likely garden feature to add significant value to a property - only losing out to secure fencing, good quality patio, and a decent sized shed.

2. Can I install garden lighting myself?

Since most outdoor lighting products are low voltage, it’s safe and easy enough for any DIYer to install their own garden lights - especially with the use of ellumière.

ellumière is the simplest and most effective garden lighting system available today. It offers a 3 step, easy-to-follow installation without the need for an electrician, and can be customised to your taste. From a selection of decklights, spotlights, and bollards, through to transformers, connectors and sensors, ellumière has all you need to make your garden glow.

3. Do I need a transformer for my garden lights?

Household mains electricity is usually 230 volts, and with most garden lights running at a lot less (12 volts) a transformer will be needed to supply the lighting with the correct amount of power.

But before you select a transformer, it’s important to know the total wattage of the lamps you want to install in your garden. We advise selecting a transformer with more capacity than you actually need right now, allowing you to expand your garden lighting system in the future.

For example, if your total wattage of bulbs is initially 40 watts, choose a 72-watt transformer.

4. Why is 12v (low voltage) used for garden lighting?

12v low voltage lighting systems are far safer and more robust than a 240v garden lighting scheme. Meaning you don’t need to call for an electrician, and being less prone to tripping, won’t cause any nuisance. On top of this, there’s no need for expensive armoured cables buried deep underground with a 12v system.

5. Are garden lights bad for wildlife?

Lights in your garden can create light pollution that adversely affect nocturnal animals. Many animals rely on darkness as part of their habitat and behaviour, meaning some artificial lights can disrupt their natural cycles.

However, this isn’t the case for all garden lights, and there are steps you can take to ensure that your project is wildlife friendly. Garden lights that cast light downwards, emit a low colour temperature, and are designed to reduce glare will have a minimal affect on the wildlife in your garden.

Need help with your garden lighting?

At Birkdale, our expert team is happy to help with any technical queries or questions you may have with your garden lighting. Whether you need advice, want to learn more about our ellumière offering, or just want to say hi, we’re standing by. Reach out to our expert team today and start your garden makeover today.

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