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New Garden Fence - 5 signs it’s Time to Replace the Old Fence

Nov 07, 2023 - 3 min read
New Garden Fence - 5 signs it’s Time to Replace the Old Fence

Modern, high-quality fencing can last well over a decade. But for traditional wooden fencing, this is rarely the case. No matter how much time, love and care you put into your fence, endless maintenance issues can become a complete nightmare.


Unfortunately, there comes a time that your fence stands (or falls) beyond repair, and replacing it entirely is the best way forward. So, does your fence need replacing? Here are 5 signs it’s time to invest in a new fence:


1. Your fence is discoloured

Wood that was once visually aesthetic can easily become dull over time, especially without proper preservation.

Several aspects can contribute towards your fence becoming discoloured. From extensive sun exposure, to rust and faded paintwork, treating your fence is likely to slow the discolouring down, but you’ll never achieve the same colour it was once was.

2. You’ve noticed rotting

A rotting fence won’t be a fence for much longer. As the decay sets in, your fence will quickly begin to deteriorate, leaving it weaker and less attractive than before.

If signs of rotting are spotted early on, there’s a possibility you can prevent the spread across your entire fence. However, it’s not often identified until it’s too late. In this case, reversing the damage is impossible and requires a completely new fence for your outdoor space.

3. It’s beginning to lean

As time goes on, your fence will gradually start to weaken. This leaves your fence exposed to harsh weather conditions, especially during heavy winds.

While a leaning fence can be temporarily straightened, the long-term damage can’t be reversed. When your fence begins to lean, the more cost-effective route is to replace it for a stronger, more durable solution. 

4. Repair costs aren’t sustainable

Everyone likes to make repairs where they can. After all, it’s cheaper to repair than replace, right? While probably true in most cases, this isn’t always the best course of action for your fence. Continuous maintenance can not only become tiring, but extremely costly too, meaning a new fence is often more cost-effective for you.

So, before you spend time and money desperately trying to save your damage fence, take a step back and consider – is it even worth repairing?

5. Starting a makeover

Not always does your fence need replacing because there’s something wrong. Yes, damage is generally the main reason, but sometimes your garden just needs something more in line with the rest of your home.

Whether you’re updating the style of your property, or just want a new look to your garden, a change purely for aesthetic reasons is not uncommon.

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