Whether your fence is damaged and needs replacing, or you’re simply looking to update the aesthetics of your outside space, selecting a new garden fence can be quite a daunting task – but it doesn’t have to be. To ensure a smooth-running project and a finished result you’re pleased with, there’re several factors which need to be considered when selecting your fence.

So, to help make things easier, we’ve come up with a list of 5 things to take into consideration when selecting your new fence.

1. Fence dimensions

Fence panels and posts come in various sizes, so make sure to either measure your existing fence, or properly plan a new fence from scratch.

You will need to figure out the height of the panels and posts you require, as well as the length of panels, and how many you require of each. You’ll also need to take into account gravel board sizes, and any other supporting accessories such as capping rails or post caps.

To give you some guidance, the below table outlines standard height pairings for fence panels, posts, and gravel boards.

Fence Panel Height (m)

Gravel Boards (cm)

Recommended Fence Post Height (m) - based on 2ft / 600m in ground






















2. Aesthetics

When selecting a new fence, you probably want the aesthetics to match the overall style of your garden. Rather than thinking of your fence as just a boundary or necessity for your outside space, why not make it a standout feature?

With so many traditional and modern fencing choices available, there’s an option suited to all homeowners – and remember, stylish fencing goes beyond the use decorative panels. By incorporating a choice of capping rails, post caps and gravel boards, you’re able to create a complete garden fence just the way you want it.

DuraPost fence

3. Privacy & security

As one of the most important functions of a fence, privacy and security can’t be forgotten about. For those living in urban or suburban areas especially, fencing can be a great way to secure your boundaries and offer a level of privacy from neighbours.

To maximise the level of privacy and security of your fence, you need two main ingredients:

  • Reliable, sturdy fence posts installed correctly – this provides a robust fencing foundation for the rest of your fence. Weak posts could be easily damaged/removed for unauthorised access.
  • Panels without gaps between the slats or pales – this creates a solid ‘wall’ around your garden, reducing the lines of vision into your property.

4. Weather conditions

Although most fences are designed to withstand the elements, sometimes rain, snow, and moisture in general can take its toll on your garden fencing. Especially with the unpredictability of UK weather, ensuring your fence is prepared for all types of weather is a must.

When selecting your new fence, be sure to think about the addition of gravel boards, capping rails and post caps. These can offer an effective and cost-efficient way to protect your fence from excess moisture.

5. Eco-friendly fencing

Doing your part to help protect the environment can be enhanced through eco-friendly fencing. Be sure to stay clear of concrete fence posts, and consider a range of sustainable alternatives.

Composite fencing panels paired with galvanised steel posts require no chemicals for treatment and provide the option to recycle at end of life, giving you a sustainable choice for your fence.

You could also explore living wall options. Though, these do require frequent maintenance. Living walls help to increase biodiversity, create a natural look, and improve air quality.

eco friendly fencing

Fencing supplies from Birkdale

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