If you’re looking to install a new fence for your property, you’ve more than likely come across steel fence posts. They’re easy to install, last longer than traditional timber, and depending on the product, can be extremely sustainable. Whether you’re considering steel fence posts for your project or just curious to find out more, we’ve put together a list of everything you need to know.

But before we dive straight in, let’s cover the basics of steel fence posts.

What are steel fence posts?

Steel fence posts are secured into the ground to support fence panels, build-on-site fencing and/or various types of wire. They are commonly used to replace traditional concrete and timber fence posts for a more durable, longer lasting, and aesthetically pleasing fence. In recent years, steel fence posts have become extremely popular, with many property owners recognising the benefits that steel fence posts bring compared to traditional wood and concrete options. In short, steel fence posts are the future of fencing.

With the introduction out of the way, let’s explore steel fence posts in further detail.

steel fence posts

How long do steel fence posts last?

The longevity of a fence is crucial. Nobody wants to be replacing their fence every few years. It needs to be durable, withstand weather conditions and look great right from installation to end of life.

When it comes to steel fence posts, if they’re made from galvanised steel and finished with a powdered coat, they can last as long as 50 years under the right conditions. In comparison, concrete will last anywhere up to 20 years and wood usually between 10-15 years.

DuraPost, a galvanised steel fence post system is guaranteed to last up to 25 years. Unlike concrete, it’s immune from rotting, splitting, cracking, and chipping, and can even withstand winds of up to 110mph. If you’re looking for a steel fence post system guaranteed to last, DuraPost is the choice for you.

durapost wind tested

How much do steel fence posts cost?

When comparing the cost of steel fence posts with concrete and wood, the initial expenses are very similar. As a rough guide, 1 metre of panelled fence for both the product and installation will cost the following:

  • DuraPost’s galvanised steel fence post - £67.99
  • DuraPost’s galvanised steel fence post (+ powder coat) - £79.53
  • Wooden fence posts – £68.52
  • Concrete fence posts - £81.03

Not only is the initial cost of installing steel fence posts competitive, but they’re by far the most cost-effective solution in the long run. Due to the strength and durability of galvanised steel, DuraPost will last around 3 times longer than wood. On top of this, unlike wooden fence posts, DuraPost requires zero maintenance, so no hidden costs are attached.

Are steel fence posts sustainable?

With a growing concern for the health of our environment, the sustainability of a product plays a huge part in many buying decisions. Due to this concern, property owners have recognised the negative impact concrete fence posts have on our planet and have been seeking an eco-friendly option in the market. That’s where steel fence posts come in.

A far more sustainable option than concrete is steel fence posts. Steel is endlessly recyclable, meaning once the materials have been used, they’ll remain in circulation given that they’re recycled properly.

Yes, steel fence posts are sustainable, but DuraPost takes sustainability to another level. Being stocked and manufactured in the UK, transportation miles are cut significantly. This ensures harmful emissions are kept as low as possible for minimal impact on our planet. What more? DuraPost isn’t just manufactured in the UK. A low-energy manufacturing process is utilised to ensure the emission of greenhouse gases are limited during production. So, if sustainability is an important factor for you, DuraPost is the way forward.

eco-friendly steel fence posts

To conclude

In short, steel fence posts systems are the superior option for your property. It’s more cost-effective, sustainable, and longer-lasting than any other type of fence post. If you’d like to find out more about steel fence posts and the wider benefits of DuraPost, contact or expert team today, we’d be more than happy to help.

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