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How Do I Fit a DuraPost® Cover Strip?

Nov 09, 2023
How Do I Fit a DuraPost® Cover Strip?

'How do I fit a DuraPost® cover strip?'

In the video below, our expert Ben B demonstrates the best way to install a DuraPost® cover strip.

It is designed to cover the holes down the back of the classic post. It is supplied with 10 of the black bungs.

You can fit that with either a countersunk wood screw or a pan head colour screw.

We suggest you fit 2 screws at the top, two in the middle and two at the bottom.

Get the U Cover Strip and ease it over the buns and slide down. Bringing it down flush with top of the post.

This method enhances the look of the post. And increases the security, preventing someone coming along and removing the screws.

DuraPost® products shown in this video:

  • DuraPost® cover strip + bungs - 806921G (Olive Grey)
  • DuraPost® colour-matching screws - 3341040G (Olive Grey)


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